How To Track Parcel,Courier Tracking Instructions

Each shipment booking generates unique consignment number.Most of the courier service providers let you track shipment status online.Therefore, you get shipment tracking number from them.

We have single widget tracking box which supports more than 400 couriers worldwide.Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Find your tracking number from parcel shipment label.It may contain only numeric codes or alphanumeric code.
  • Enter the exact tracking number format without modifying any single digit from your side.
  • When your submission is completed, hit the track button (located in right side of tracking box)

What happens after clicking track button?

When you click on track button, a new page opens with all related couriers list.Now choose your logistics company.Server takes few seconds to get the data from the main site.You will see shipment progress records on the same page.

Invalid tracking number

To avoid invalid tracking number error, please type the exact tracking number without any blank space in it.

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